Reliable Meth Testing for Total Peace of Mind

Meth testing is done to determine whether or not a home or building previously used to cook or smoke methamphetamine is still contaminated with meth residue. Meth testing is strongly recommended when you buy, sell, or rent a property to keep the inhabitants of the property safe from the health problems caused by meth contamination and residue.

Who Should Have Meth Testing Performed?

  • Real Estate Agents: To be sure that listed properties are not compromised by the presence of meth residue.
  • Property Buyers: If you are in the market for buying a residential or commercial property, it just makes good sense to protect your investment by having it tested for meth before you buy.
  • Business Owners: If you suspect meth use at your place of business, having your buildings tested by Chemical Test Waikato will help you get the answers you're looking for.
  • Families: If you have reason to believe your spouse or child may be using meth, you may want to have bedrooms, recreation rooms, the garage, or cars tested.
  • Rental Property Owners: Residential rental properties and storage units are hotbeds for meth labs as well as meth use. Have your investments tested regularly for your safety as well as your tenants'.

Signs of a Meth Lab

Meth labs are often in highly populated residential areas so it is important to report any signs of a meth lab or other illegal drug activity. Neighbours living near a meth lab often notice unusual behaviour of their neighbours running the meth lab as well as unusual waste in unauthorised dump sites.

Some warning signs of a meth lab include:

  • Denied access to the area and/or paranoid behaviour
  • Increased traffic and late night visitors with unusually shorts stays
  • Covering and blacking out windows
  • Guard dogs
  • Chemical smells not normally found in residential areas
  • Large amounts of household chemicals
  • Waste with a large number of pill packaging
  • Coffee filters, pillow cases and sheets that are stained red
  • Glass containers with dried chemical deposits remaining
  • Frequent burning of waste materials
If you notice any of these signs of a meth lab it is important to report it immediately to the proper authorities and keep your neighbourhood and family safe.

I have got a positive Meth Test, now what?

The levels of methamphetamine and the precursor drugs will indicate whether you have a small or big problem.

An appropriately qualified and experienced testing company will provide you with a risk assessment of the property, and explain exactly what that means.

Chemical Test Waikato can help you understand your results, give us a call for more information 0223145772


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